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Have you ever noticed why applying creams on your face enhances the glow and overall look of your face and the skin? In addition to the expensive and dangerous creams, you are also applying pressure to your facial pressure points. This firm pressure on your skin releases all the blocked meridians and improves the flow of blood towards your skin.

Not only does acupressure relieve you from various ailments, but it could also help you get a healthy skin and get rid of acne, hives, blemishes, wrinkles and other skin related problems. We have compiled a list of points that serve the following:

  • Acupressure for wrinkles
  • Acupressure for beauty
  • Acupressure for glowing face
  • Acupressure for blemishes
  • Acupressure for pimples

We recommend you to massage these facial acupressure points daily for 15 minutes to get a healthy skin that radiates energy.

List Of Facial Pressure Points

  1. Third Eye Point (GV 24.5 Facial Acupressure Point)

facial pressure points - third eye point

The third eye point could be found between your eyebrows where the bridge of the nose connects with the forehead. This facial acupressure point releases energy towards the pituitary gland, which enhances the condition of the skin throughout your body.

  1. Heavenly Pillar (Gall Bladder 20 or GB 20)

facial acupressure points

One of the major reasons for an unhealthy skin is stress. Massaging the heavenly pillar point will help reduce the stress levels. This point is located one inch away from both the sides of spine where the base of the skull is located. Place your fingers on both the sides to massage these points simultaneously. It is a highly effective acupressure for glowing face and it treats other skin ailments like acne and blackheads. This point is also recommended to boost vital energy.

  1. Four Whites (Point For Acupressure Facelift)

facial acupressure facelift

The four whites pressure point is found one finger width below the second orbit of the eye on the indentation of the cheek. This point for acupressure facelift will slowly and gradually reduce blemishes and acne and make the skin firm.

  1. Facial Beauty – Another Acupressure Facelift Point

acupressure points face - facial beauty

These points are located at the bottom of your cheekbones on both the sides, directly below your pupils. This massage therapy is the most effective for poor complexion, facial blemishes, acne, and sagging cheeks. It also strengthens your facial muscles by opening up blocked energy meridians. It is also considered a vital acupressure facelift point.

  1. Acupressure Face Massage on Neck 

acupressure face massage

This acupressure face massage improves skin luster and tones your facial muscles making it seem like facial uplift if pressure is applied for a period of 3 months. You won’t need any cosmetic products or treatment to reduce wrinkles and other age related skin problems. These facial acupoints are located below the earlobes right behind the jawbone.

  1. Drilling Bamboo Point (B2) – Vital Acupressure For Face Wrinkles

Acupressure for face wrinkles

These pressure points are located at both the sides of the nose bridge where it conjuncts with eye socket below the eyebrows. These are effective acupressure points for skin whitening and reducing face wrinkles.

  1. Three Mile Point (Facial Acupressure Facelift With Stomach Point)

facial acupressure facelift

It is an important facial acupressure facelift point as it helps in strengthening all the muscles including the facial muscles. It not only tones your facial skin but improves the skin condition throughout your body. It is located outside the shin bone, four-finger length below the kneecap. Massage this point for five minutes daily to see notable results. This point is also recommended for gastric trouble and other stomach related ailments.

Conclusion – Things To Do Besides Facial Pressure Points

One of the major causes for several ailments is stress. And your skin is not an exception. It is highly recommended to reduce stress and also press points for stress reduction. In addition to that drink lots of water as it flushes out toxics, giving you a healthy skin. Keep away from skin-care products that have chemicals. Instead go with the natural or ayurvedic skin-products that don’t cause damage. Maintain a balanced diet and exercise daily for 20-30 minutes. All these steps along with applying pressure on the acupressure points on face given here will help you stay away from several disorders including that of your skin.

You could also check out this video that gives recommendations on healthy food products that boost skin quality:


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