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If you are considering acupressure points for diabetes, you have just become a part of an alternative medicine revolution. Why? That’s because a huge population around the globe is now considering alternative medicines, such as acupressure massage, an effective way to treat various disorders and diseases.

Can Acupressure Cure Diabetes?

To answer that, let’s understand diabetes in a nutshell.

Insulin hormone balances the amount of sugar in your blood. Diabetes is caused when body is unable to produce insulin, or it is produced in small amounts. This results into deteriorating metabolism of carbohydrates. This increases the levels of glucose in your blood and urine. The acupressure points given in this article will help you increase your carbohydrates/sugar metabolism.

7 Super Effective Acupressure Points For Diabetes

Acupressure therapy boosts your metabolic rate, controls stress, and heals urinary disorders.These areas are the top targets to cure the diabetes condition. In this article, we will have a look at all the major acupressure therapy for diabetes.

  • Spleen 6 (SP 6 Acupressure Treatment For Diabetes)

acupressure points for diabetes control - spleen 6

Spleen is responsible for the absorption and transformation of food. Irregularities in the spleen meridian disturbs carbohydrate metabolism. Imbalances in the spleen meridian also causes toxic overload. We suggest the Spleen 6 point on your legs that intersects liver, kidney, and spleen. These 3 organs are vulnerable in the diabetes condition. So, this point becomes more important. Count four-finger on the top of the inner ankle bone and behind the shinbone. It is also recommended to look up at acupressure points for stress and anxiety.

  • Intestine Pressure Points For Diabetes (Large Intestine 4 Acupressure Point For Diabetes On Palm)

Massage points for diabetes - large intestine point

A growing body of evidence indicates that type 2 diabetes may be an intestinal illness. Stomach related problems are already known to reduce metabolic rate. The large intestine represents bowel movements. Thus, it becomes a vital organ to regulate the stomach functions. You could press the Large Intestine 4 that represent acupressure points on palm for diabetes. Press this point daily for 5 minutes. You could find them at the little mound of flesh between thumb and index finger. It is also a vital acupressure for constipation.

  • Bigger Rushing (Liver Acupressure Therapy For Diabetes)

diabetes pressure points - liver points

Locate this acupressure point at the indented spot between the big and second toe. Fatty liver is considered to be an initial cause for type-2 diabetes. The situation could worsen if it is not administered correctly. LV3 points on both feet are vital acupressure massage for diabetes as they fall in the liver meridian. These points could also treat all kinds of symptoms related to the liver.

  • Kidney Acupressure Point For Diabetes

Body pressure points for diabetes - kidney point

Diabetes injures your small blood vessels. This causes improper function of the kidney as it could not clean your blood. As a result your body will retain more salt and water. This results into weight gain and reduced metabolic power. You could regulate the energies towards you kidney with the kidney 1 point. This will strengthen your circulatory system. The kidney 1 (K1) point is at the sole of your foot below the ball, between the second and third finger.

  • Knee Acupressure Points Diabetes Control

knee points to treat diabetes

Hydrochloric (HCL) acid are the digestive juices that aid proper digestion of food. Deficiency of HCL could affect carbohydrate metabolism, which triggers diabetes.The Stomach 36 (Three Mile Point) is located on the stomach meridian. Massaging this point regularly will produce enough HCL acid to digest your food. Measure four-fingers below the kneecap and 1 finger width towards the outer-side of the shin bone to locate this point. This point is capable of curing several disorders related to stomach and various pains.

  • Wrist Point (Acupressure For Diabetes Control)

wrist point to increase insulin levels

This point is found at the crease of your wrist below the little finger. Stress worsens the diabetes condition.Emotional or physical stress lowers down the insulin levels considerably. Type-2 diabetes is caused by this condition. The wrist point given here helps you control your stress levels and boost overall health of the heart. Massaging this point for 5 minutes daily will give you a big heart that is free from all stress.

  • Urinary Bladder Point (BL 40  Pressure Points For Diabetes)

Urinary bladder point to control diabetes

This point is located behind the kneecap above the calf. It is one of the most effective points to clear all toxics from the body.  Diabetes condition may cause excess urination. This point falls in the urinary bladder meridian and applying pressure on these points will curb this problem.

Quick Tips To Follow Along With Acupressure For Diabetes

In addition to the pressure points, there are various strongly recommended lifestyle changes that will multiply the benefits of acupressure for quick treatment of diabetes:

  1. Eat healthy food: Food recommendation is the same that every dietician or doctor would suggest for a healthy diet. Stay extra cautious with salt, sugar, and oil. Take food that is high in fiber, such as fruits (except bananas and sapodilla), beans, green-leafy vegetables, and grains. The effort that you invest in pressure points for diabetes will show quick and effective results when you follow this diet.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight: If you are overweight, dedicate a part of the day to exercising. Aim for a slow and gradual weight loss that is optimal for your age and height. Cardio exercises are the best for diabetics. It improves overall metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. A combination of acupressure points for diabetes and cardio exercises will keep you sugar metabolism at an all time high.
  3. Enough sleep: In today’s stressful life, getting enough rest is the biggest challenge. It makes matter worse for diabetics. If you are having trouble with getting enough sleep, consult your doctor as certain medication will help improve your sleep quality. Along with diabetes cure by acupressure, you could also check out some points that help you get quality sleep.
  4. Quit smoking: Here is our complete coverage on acupressure to quit smoking that will be a great help. Smoking triggers various diabetes complications, like:
    1. Reduced blood flow
    2. Heart diseases
    3. Nerve disorders
    4. Kidney ailments
    5. Stroke
    6. Weak eyes that leads to blindness
  5. Control blood pressure and cholesterol: High blood pressure could severely damage blood vessels. The damage worsens when you have high cholesterol teamed up with diabetes. This condition could result into a stroke or other life-threatening conditions. Here are some acupressure points for blood pressure that will be a great company with acupressure therapy for diabetes.
  6. Cinnamon & Ginger: Ginger is highly powerful in controlling blood sugar by using muscle cells. The chemical Cinnamaldehydein is responsible in the insulin increasing power of cinnamon.
  7. Don’t Skip Breakfast: Skipping breakfast increases food cravings during the later part of the day. It also triggers dangerous blood sugar spikes all day.
  8. Drink Plenty Of Water: If you are applying acupressure points for diabetes cure, you will need to drink ample amount of water to flush out the toxins. Moreover, excessive urination in diabetes may cause dehydration and that’s when water will be handy.

In addition to the above given points, there are certain foods that will help you control diabetes. These foods will give you great results along with pressure points for diabetes to increase sugar metabolism. Here is a video that we found on YouTube that will give you a list of these foods.


Conclusion – Acupressure Points For Diabetes Shows Results In Long Term

The acupressure for diabetes control given here is not an alternative to medical treatment. Nor does it replace the need to change lifestyle. It is just an independent therapy that will show results in the long term. So, it is highly recommended to press all the acupressure points for diabetes given in this article religiously for 3 months for optimum results along with on-going treatment.

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