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Libido describes your interest in sexual activity. But, a healthy libido has other health benefits too. It is a reflection of a person’s motivation, confidence and wholesome life energy. Acupressure for sex could play a vital role in empowering your libido and fertility. In this post we shall discuss the erogenous massage for men and female stimulation points to increase sexual performance.

A strong libido protects your body against several hormone-triggered cancers, promotes the health of your heart, provides a glowing skin, and enhances your mood. If you want to enhance your libido, there are certain pleasure pressure points that will help you in generating a high testosterone feel.

A lower libido means that you are losing interest in sexual activity. Absence of libido affects our health and well-being. Several lifestyle factors collectively contribute towards an unhealthy or a deteriorating sex life. Challenges like low libido, lower sperm quality and sperm count, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction are rising at an alarming rate.

Erogenous Massage For Men & Female Stimulation Points

Acupressure for sex could play a vital role for strong libido and fertility. However, your libido and fertility levels might be good. In addition to giving you a good sex life, there are certain points that will help you overcome sexual problems like acupressure for ed (erectile dysfunction) & acupressure for pe (premature ejaculation)

  1. Sacral Acupressure Points For Sex (Vital Acupressure For ED)

sacral acupressure points for sex

Lower libido and unhealthy sex lives indicate inadequate blood flow towards sexual organs. Massage the sacral points from B27 to B34. These points fall in the urinary bladder meridian. They also represent your sexuality. Massage these points for 2-3 minutes daily as they are they best male stimulation points and female stimulation points. These points are situated at the base of your spine. Moreover, these points will also cure other reproductive problems. They are like energy-infusing points for your genitals.

  1. Sea Of Vitality Points (B23 & B47 – Erogenous Massage for Men & Women)

b23 & b47 acupressure for sex

This is one more set of acupressure for lovers to boost the libido. These points will cure infertility, impotency, premature ejaculation, and even lower back pain. If you plan to give an errotic massage to your partner, make sure you reach these points. The sea of vitality acupressure points are at the lower back. These points are 23rd and 47th points in the bladder meridian. In addition to boosting sex power, they also improve your immune system. Count two and four finger widths away from the spine at the waist level to find B 23 and 47 respectively.

  1. Bubbling Springs (Kidney 1 or K1)

erogenous massage for men and female stimulation points

Given that kidney is associated with revitalizing the body, mind and spirit, the K1 becomes more important. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ed), these kidney points are vital acupressure points for ed. This point is located at the sole of the foot. Moreover, it is the most important point to cure  menopause related problems like hot flashes, constipation and vomiting. At the center of your foot sole, these points are between the second and third finger.

  1. Bigger Stream (K3 Or Kidney 3)

female stimulation points

This point should not be massaged by anyone who is pregnant since 3 or more months. The bigger stream acupressure point will turn your sexual tension into confidence. You could easily locate these points between the inner ankle bone and Achilles tendon. Additionally, these points are also pressed for semen leakage and are important female stimulation points.

  1. Three Mile Point (Acupressure Points For Male Fertility)

acupressure for sex (male and female)

Stress and fatigue disturbs a normal sex life. Hence, the three mile acupressure point becomes more important. It cures several ailments according to the Chinese acupressure literature. And it also balances your sexual reproductive organs. You could cure impotency by religiously applying pressure to this point. They are significant stimulating points of women and men. You could find this point four-finger widths below the kneecap and 1 finger width outside the shin bone.

  1. Gate Of Origin (Conception Vessel 4  or Erogenous Pressure Points)

The liver, kidney and spleen channel intersect at this point. Thus, it is used in acupressure therapy for several disorders. This point is commonly massaged for sexual dysfunction, menopause indications, urinary disorders, menstrual disorders and for strong immunity. The point is situated four-ringer width below the navel, before the pubic bone. These are important pressure points for orgasm.


errotic massage

  1. Sea Of Energy (Conception Vessel 6 or Errotic Massage)

acupressure for sex

This is one of the most powerful acupressure points capable of treating a broad range of ailments. Located, three finger-widths below the belly button, applying pressure to this point could cure impotency and strengthen the reproductive system. They are also powerful as women’s pleasure points.

  1. Rushing Door (Sp12 – Vital Acupressure Points For Sex)

This point is located exactly where the leg ends while going upwards and the point where the trunk of the body begins. Apply pressure on both the sides to get rid of sexual problems like impotency and menstrual cramps. These are vital acupressure points for sperm motility.

men's and women's stimuation points

  1. Mansion Cottage (Spleen 13 or SP13)

Male sexual dysfunction could further be treated with the help of the SP 13 also known as the Mansion Cottage point. It is above the SP12 where the upper body begins and play a significant role among all acupressure points for sex.

Some of the most common reasons behind sexual challenges:

  • Overweight, obesity
  • Low testosterone
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • High alcohol consumption
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Hard drugs
  • Fast food
  • Emotional factors like stress, guilt, and depression
  • Physical inactivity due to long sitting hours at work

Here is a video that lists out important food products that will improve your sexual power:


In today’s rapidly advancing scenario, people tend to overlook the above mentioned factors. However, they could try that these factors don’t take a complete toll over their health and utilize the powers of the Chinese acupressure treatment given above to increase their libido. Ensure that you press the points given above as they all play a significant part in stimulating men’s pleasure points as well as female pleasure points.

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