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The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) represents meridians inside our body that are associated with various functions that are vital for our living. Any disturbance in blood-flow and Qi (Vital energy) along these meridians is the cause of all the disorders. Thus, if you are suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness), it means various meridians inside your body are affected due to various lifestyle habits, unhealthy sleeping habits, acid reflux in the gastrointestinal system, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, asthma, mental ailments like depression, and more. In this article, we will learn how to apply acupressure points for sleep to curb various problems that cause insomnia and improve your sleep quality. These pressure points for insomnia are effective and could be pressed during any time of the day especially an hour before your bedtime for optimal results.

List of Acupressure Points For Sleep

Governing Vessel 20 Point

Pressure points for sleep

Insomnia is considered as a state of the brain being unable to stop being awake. Thus, to relieve any tensions in the pathway of your brain, you could massage the GV 20 pressure points for sleep. This point is at the highest point of the body and is extremely helpful in the treatment of several psycho-emotional disorders that affect the heart and the brain.

The Governing Vessel 16 Point (Du 16)

acupressure points for sleep

The other name for the Governing Vessel meridian is ‘DU” and the 16th point in this meridian is also an important acupressure for sleep. It is located at the border of your skull towards your neck and exactly at the middle of the back of your head. It is also a vital point to relieve neck and head tension.

The Third Eye Acupressure For Insomnia (GV 24.5)

acupressure for sleep

The “Third Eye Point” is located exactly at the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets your forehead between your eyebrows. It is one of the most important pressure points to relax the central nervous system, which relieves insomnia to a great extent. As insomnia is also associated with thyroid, you could massage this point that helps balance your thyroid glands.

Gates Of Consciousness (Gall Bladder Acupressure Points For Sleep)

acupressure for insomnia

The Gall Bladder 20 points regulate the flow of blood and energy through the brain and treat all ailments related to the gall bladder. Do you toss and turn on your bed and find it very difficult to sleep? And maybe by the time you fall asleep, there might not be enough hours left for you to get quality sleep. The TCM associates these symptoms of insomnia with imbalances in the liver and gall bladder. You could strengthen your gall bladder by massaging the “Gates of Consciousness” acupressure points for good sleep.

Heavenly Pillar (Bladder 10 Pressure Points That Make You Sleep)

Pressure points for sleep

First things first. This bladder point falls in the brain meridian and thus it is an important point to relieve insomnia. However, there are various urinary bladder disorders that are associated with insomnia. Nocturia (urinating sensation) at night is one of the symptoms associated with your bladder. These night time visits to the toilet are disturbing the sleep of many individuals. Sleep apnea is a sleep disturbance and also causes elimination of extra fluid via urine. All these disorders could be effectively subsided if you regularly massage the “Heavenly Pillar” point located on the bladder meridian.

Vital Diaphragm Point (Bladder 38 Point)

pressure points to help you sleep

This is also a vital acupressure to help you sleep. The point is located at the back between the shoulder blade and your spine on both the sides. As discussed above there are various bladder disorders that trigger the insomnia trouble. In addition to that it also falls in the respiratory region. So, this point could be massaged to relieve various respiratory problems including asthma (one more cause behind insomnia).

Conception Vessel 17 (Sea Of Tranquility)

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Although the name suggests reproduction, the Conception Vessel is an extra-ordinary meridian. The Governing Vessel is the “yang” (masculine) meridian, while Conception vessel is the “yin” (feminine) meridian. Both have to exist like day and night. Conception vessel is associated with water, earth, moon and nighttime. So, if there are problems of sleeping at night that are caused due to anxiety, depression, or respiratory disorders, you could massage the CV 17 acupressure points for sleep.

Calm Sleep (Pressure Points For Sleep On Feet)

acupressure points for good sleep

The point is located at the indentation just below the outer ankle bone on your feet. It is literally named the “Calm sleep” point for its ability to boost your sleep quality. It enables the body to relax deeply that is important to get a good night’s sleep. You could press these points by keeping your thumb exactly at the point below your ankle bone and the finger tips on the other side of your ankle. This point is also the 62nd point in the bladder meridian.

Joyful Sleep Pressure Points

acupressure for sleep

This point falls under the kidney meridian and is proven the most effective to give you a relaxed and comfortable sleep. It is located below the inner ankle bone on your feet. To get a joyful sleep, simply hold this acupressure point while taking deep breaths. Kidney diseases are also a common condition associated with sleep problems. This point is the most effective in curing various kidney ailments.

Other Pressure Points For Sleep In The Kidney Meridian

Kidney 3

pressure points that make you sleep

Kidney 7

acupressure points for sleep

Points in the Heart Meridian

Heart 5 Point

Pressure points for sleep

This point on the heart meridian could be found about two finger width above the crease below your little finger. It is most commonly used for all the symptoms related to being demotivated, including anxiety, nervousness, depression, and related disorders. So, if your insomnia is triggered due to any of these symptoms, H5 point is just the right one.

Heart 7 Point

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It is located exactly on the crease of your wrist below your little finger. If insomnia is caused due to overexcitement, anxiety, and other emotional disorders, you could regularly massage this point until you observe improvement in your overall mental state and sleep quality.

Large Intestine 11 (Crooked Pond Acupressure For Sleep)

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Insomnia is also caused when there is an acid reflux in the gastrointestinal system. Thus, you could also massage the points falling in the stomach and large intestine meridian to reduce the reflux and improve your sleeping habits. One of the most important point to relieve intestinal problems is the LI 11 point which is located on the outer crease of the elbow.

Points In The Liver Meridian

People with fatty liver are the victims of insomnia. It is widely believed that imbalance in the liver meridian reduces the production of melatonin that helps you sleep better. Moreover, there are various effects of liver disorders that trigger insomnia. Some of the most common problems are fatty liver, cirrhosis, sleep apnea and other related disorders. You could massage the following points in the liver meridian to cure the imbalance of energy along its meridians which will also give you a healthy sleep.

Liver 8 Acupressure Points For Sleep

pressure points to fall asleep

Liver 3 Acupressure For Sleep

pressure points for insomnia

Liver 14 Point

acupressure for sleep

Conclusion – Acupressure Points For Sleep Are Safe

With the help of these points, you could keep all your depression and sleeping pills at bay. Though, it takes little time to be effective (in many cases acupressure massage gives immediate effect), the pressure points for sleep give here are the most effective and safe to boost healthy sleep while addressing various issues along different meridians in your body.

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