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It is not an overstatement that gas accumulation in the digestive system has become a common people with more and more people. This causes heaviness in stomach, chest, and some parts of your back due to gas and may even result into gas pains.

Bloating is a kind of blockage of excess gas in the stomach that has difficulty in releasing. This will result into burping, passing of gas, and enlarged belly. Those suffering from the gastric trouble face troubles in day-to-day activities like climbing stairs, bending. It also results into the decline of physical activity as you get tired easily. Moreover, you have to face the embarrassment of foul smell. You might be considering medical help to overcome this problem. You may feel instant relief, but how long would you want to rely on medicines. Will they help you in eradicating this problem from the root? Why not try an alternative medicine in the form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? Yes, acupressure points for gas and bloating is the most effective therapy if you follow the regiment religiously. In this article we shall discuss these points that could be pressed anywhere, anytime twice-thrice daily for 2-3 minutes for a prolonged period of time.

How Do Acupressure Points For Gas Help Me?

The most common reason behind gastric trouble is indigestion that is caused by various reasons including lifestyle factors. As acupressure therapy is dedicated to release energy towards various meridians, the points given in this article will help you release energy towards your digestive system to release gas. In addition to that, the acupressure for gas given here will also help you overcome various other stomach problems, including pains.

9 Convenient Acupressure Points For Gas And Bloating:

  1. Sea Of Energy

acupressure points for gas and bloating

This point is one of the most powerful acupressure for gas and all stomach related problems. It also heals immune disorder and sexual problems. The Sea of Energy point could be found two finger widths below the belly button.

  1. Center Of Power

acupressure for gas

You could find this acupressure point for gas exactly where a straight line up from your belly button meets the ribs. In TCM, this acupressure for stomach is commonly used for indigestion. This point relieves emotional uproar while eating, especially anger. Moreover, it reduces the fullness one feels after overeating, gas accumulation and bloating.

  1. Stomach 36 – Important Acupressure Points For Gas & Bloating

acupressure for gas and bloating

This point is also known as the “Three Mile Point” because of its ability to re-energize a person’s body so that he/she could walk another three miles even if exhausted. ST 36 points are also the most recommended pressure points for gas and bloating. It also cures indigestion and other stomach problems, ranging from constipation to nausea. The Stomach 36 point is located four finger widths below the kneecap and one finger width towards the outer side of the shin bone.

  1. Blazing Valley Or Kidney 2

massage points for gas

The point is situated in the middle of the arch on the side of your feet. Draw an imaginary line from the outer side of your thumb, until you reach the middle of arch. Although, these point falls in the kidney meridian on both feet they are important acupressure points for gas and bloating. They strengthen the function of kidney and regulates the excretion process of your body that relieves you from bloated stomach.

  1. Acupressure Points In Hand For Gas

acupressure points in hand for gas

In addition to the feet and stomach, you could also massage a convenient acupressure for stomach that is right on your hand. The point is called the “Inner Gate” in traditional Chinese medicine and could be located three finger width above the inner wrist crease.

  1. Large Intestine 4 (Union Valley)

acupressure points for gas

More acupressure points in hand for gas and other stomach related problems. Large intestine forms the most important part in our digestive system and in order to regulate its functions, you could massage this point regularly for a prolonged period of time. The point could be found between the webbing of your thumb and the forefinger.

  1. Sea of Vitality (B 23 & B 47)

bladder acupressure for digestion

These acupressure points for gas are located on the bladder meridian at waist and relieves from acid reflux and other digestive disorders. At the waist level, count two and four finger widths away from the spine on both sides to find these points. These points will also subside stomach pain and relieve indigestion.

  1. Stomach 25 – Acupressure for Digestion & Stomach Pain

acupressure for digestion

It is located 3 inches from the center of the belly button on both the sides. It is an important pressure point to relieve gas and sometimes immediately relieves abdominal pain, gurgling sound in the stomach, and is also a proven point to reduce water retention in abdomen.

  1. Liver 3

acupressure for bloating

The LV 3 point is found about two finger widths above the point where the big and second toe meet. In Chinese medicine it is considered an important point to cure digestive issues.


In addition to the acupressure points for gas given in this article, you could also take additional care for faster results. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Avoid foods and drinks that are gassy. Try to avoid foods and drinks with high fiber and starch content. Also keep away from foods containing sorbitol, a naturally occurring sugar in fruits. Carbonated and packaged drinks are a big no for those with bloated stomach.
  • Take drinks 30 minutes before meals. The same rule applies if you want to drink water.

Eat very slowly to break down each and every part of your food for easy digestion.

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