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Many factors are attributed to shoulder pain. The most common cause for shoulder pain is believed to be injury to the soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, and tendons within the shoulders. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has various treatments for shoulder injury. So, let’s check out some highly effective acupressure points for shoulder pain.

List of 15 Shoulder Pressure Point

  1. Gates of Consciousness (Acupressure Points For Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief)

acupressure points for shoulder pain

You will locate these acupressure for shoulder at the back of your neck where a hollow is experienced near the base of the skull (look at the picture above). Apply firm pressure on these points at both the sides. These pressure points for neck and shoulder pain give you instant relief. In addition to that, you could also massage this point to treat headache and dizziness.

  1. Shoulder Well – Vital Acupressure For Shoulder Pain

acupressure for shoulder pain

This point should be avoided during pregnancy. The Jian Jing point, which is popularly known as the Shoulder Well is the most important massage in acupressure for shoulder pain. Firstly, find this point by pinching the whole shoulder muscle with the thumb and finger. The point is located at the highest point of your shoulder starting from your neck on both sides. Apply downwards pressure to stimulate this point.

  1. Heavenly Rejuvenation – Shoulder Pressure Point

pressure points for shoulder pain

The TW15 or the Heavenly Rejuvenation acupressure point for frozen shoulder and other related ailments is found just one half inch below the highest point of your shoulder while you move towards the back. In addition to treating frozen shoulder, neck stiffness, these points also boosts flexibility within your muscles and lowers the feeling of nervousness.

  1. Outer Arm Bone (Acupressure Points For Shoulder Pain)

acupressure for frozen shoulder

This point could be located one-third of the way from your shoulder to the elbow on the outer surface. If you have stiffness that is extended from the shoulder to the neck which has resulted into a bulged swelling, you could massage this point twice daily for 5 minutes.

  1. Stomach 38 (Topmost Acupressure For Frozen Shoulder)

acupressure for frozen shoulder

This is the first-hand acupressure for frozen shoulder, pain and motor control in the shoulder. Measure half the length from your knee cap towards the ankle and you will find the ST 38 pressure point 1 finger width on the outside of the shin bone. The stomach 36 point is also the most effective point for invigorating vital energy.

  1. Triple Warmer 3 (Hand Pressure Points For Neck And Shoulder Pain)

acupressure points for shoulder pain

The Triple Warmer meridian starts from the tip of your ring finger, moves through the back of the arm and shoulder, and ends at the side of the neck and back of the ear. Thus, it easily relates to ailments related to the shoulder and neck. The TW 3 point is on the back of your hand, between the last two bones of the small and the ring finger.

  1. Luo Zhen

shoulder pressure point

Luo Zhen is a Chinese phrase which literally means “fell off pillow.”  This point is one of the most important points for neck and shoulder pain relief due to bad sleeping posture. In addition to the bad posture, if you spend long hours in front of the laptop that gives you a frozen neck you could apply massage to this point. However, there is a defined method for using Luo Zhen to treat a stiff neck.

  • This shoulder pressure point is located between the middle and the index finger.
  • Massage on the hand at the opposite side from the affected area.
  • Apply enough pressure to feel a tender point.
  • Make very small circles while pressing this point.
  • While applying pressure to the Luo Zhen point, exercise your neck by rotating your head sideways.
  1. Small Intestine 10 (Shoulder Pressure Point)

acupressure points for neck and shoulder pain

Small Intestine is located on the back side of the shoulder. Draw an imaginary line straight up from the back of armpit edge. The SI 10 point is located behind the bones of the shoulder joint. This point should be massaged rigorously, but it should not trigger pain.

  1. Head Region (Important Acupressure Points For Shoulder Pain Relief)

acupressure points for shoulder pain

There are seven points situated on the head region that work magically to provide instant relief from neck and shoulder pain. Stimulating these points simultaneously, will provide instant shoulder pain relief and cure all ailments related to the neck too. Here is the list of all the points that will give quick relief.

Point 1: Eyebrow Ascension

Point 2: Deviating Turn

Point 3: Fifth Place

Point 4: Light Guard

Point 5: Celestial Connection

Point 6: Declining Connection

Point 7: Jade Pillow

Conclusion – When Do You Need Shoulder Pain Treatment?

There is a strong connection between neck and shoulder pain and human psychology. Here are some eye-opening facts:

  • When you experience stiffness in the shoulder blade area, it generally indicates that you have taken a wrong direction in life or maybe you’re doing something that isn’t providing enough value to your life.
  • Stiffness in the shoulder also indicates that we are not clearly looking at our options. It also reveals that there is some kind of personal frustrations due to restrictions in life. You might be even unhappy with yourself for making wrong decisions in life.
  • A frozen shoulder also indicates that you are feeling trapped in your current circumstances.

Also watch the following video to get a clear idea on the causes of shoulder and neck pain:



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