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Knee pain typically arises from any of the bone structures of the knee joint, kneecap, or ligaments and cartilage of the knee. Various facts contribute to the aggravation of knee pain. Some of the most common reasons are exercise, movement of the surrounding muscles, foot injury, and carrying heavy weight. Knee pain could occur to people of all age groups.  Knee pain could occur at a specific area of your knee or it could spread throughout the knee. Early treatment could stop this pain from becoming severe. In this article we shall point out the most important and effective acupressure points for knee pain. Firstly, let us get the basics on place about knee pain.

Effects Of Knee Pain

  • Difficulty in walking.
  • Limping
  • You find it hard moving up and down the stairs due to ligament damage.
  • Locking of the knee.
  • Inability to stretch the whole leg.
  • Most of your balance shifts to the other knee and foot.

Causes Of Knee Pain

  • Fractures: Direct shock to the bony structure could cause one of the bones in the knee to break.
  • Ligament injuries: The most common cause for knee pain is the anterior cruciate ligament injury that is associated with sports and sudden stop in the change of directions.
  • Meniscus injuries: Injury to the menisci could happen when you twist the knee.
  • Dislocation: Dislocation of the knee joint demands immediate attention as it could cease blood flow towards the leg.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: It is an autoimmune disorder that causes extreme pain and inability of movement to any joint of the body. Various forms of arthritis could affect the knee.
  • Patellar tendinitis: It is caused by the inflammation of the tendons that connect the kneecap to the bone of the lower leg. The most common reason for its occurrence is the repetition of a same motion, for instance running and cycling.
  • Osteoarthritis: It is a wearing down of the joint cartilage due to aging and excessive usage.

Acupressure Points For Knee Pain That Will Relieve & Cure

Almost all the acupressure therapy given below are knee pressure points. The given points could all be massaged together, or you could start with one or two points. Each point should be massaged for 2-3 minutes twice-thrice a day.

  1. Calf’s Nose – Acupressure Therapy For Knee Pain

acupressure points for knee pain

This is actually the 35th point in the stomach meridian. It could be located just below the knee cap on the outer side. It is effective for knee pain and is also an important acupressure point for arthritis related ailments that include motor impairment, pain, numbness, stiffness, and rheumatism.

  1. Sunny Side of the Mountain – Acupressure For Knee Pain

acupressure for knee pain

This is the 34th point in the gallbladder meridian and is located below the knee on the outer side. Flex your legs and you will feel the shin bone. You will find these knee pressure points on the top of the shinbone on the front side. Massaging this point will relieve all kinds of muscular tension, strains and aches. In addition to that this is a vital point for excessive knee pain.

  1. Three Mile Point

pressure points for knee pain

This point also falls in the stomach meridian and is the 36th point. You could find it four finger widths below the knee cap and one finger width on the outer side of the shin bone. Massaging this point will strengthen your muscular health, tone them and relieve knee pain arising due to various factors.

  1. Commanding Activity

acupressure points for knee pain

Bend your knee and you will find this point on the outer edge of the crease. It is the 53rd point in the urinary bladder meridian and most effective when it comes to knee pain and stiffness.

  1. Nourishing Valley

pressure points for knee pain

The Nourishing Valley are the most effective pressure points for knee pain relief. In addition to that they cure various genital disorders and the abdominal pain. You could easily locate them on the inner edge of the knee crease. Place two fingers in the hollow between the two tendons. It is most effective for the tension experienced in and around the knee area.

  1. Crooked Spring – Pressure Points For Knee Pain

acupressure for knee pain

These acupressure points for knee pain could be found on the inside of the knee, where the crease ends when you bend your knee. You could even massage these points in case of swelling in the knee and fibroids.

  1. Shady Side Of The Mountain

acupressure for knee pain

This is a miracle point capable of curing several ailments, including knee pain, muscle strains, swelling, water retention in the body, edema, and muscular tension. This point is located exactly where the inner crease of the back of your knee ends. You could apply pressure to this point twice daily for 10 minutes.

  1. Commanding Middle – Most Important Acupressure For Knee Pain

acupressure massage for knee pain

Commanding middle has proved to be very effective acupressure for knee pain. The point is located at the center on the crease at the back of your knee. Apply firm pressure on this point for 10 minutes daily. In many cases, you will feel immediate relief in your knee pain and stiffness. It is also the most effective point for those suffering from sciatica, arthritis and various other knee problems.

In addition to pressure points for knee pain, there are some natural food supplements that will give you quick results to treat disturbing pain. Check out the video given below to figure out these food supplements:



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