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Hair fall is perhaps the biggest woe one would have. Who likes to see a receding hairline that signifies aging? It becomes a major concern when you start noticing it at a younger age. Whether you are already suffering from this problem or would love to have strong, voluminous and silky hair, acupressure points for hair growth may have an apt answer.

Various environmental factors, stress, anxiety and other physical and lifestyle conditions may give rise to the hair loss problem. People start relying on various hair products that have hazardous chemicals. Why not spend some time with the acupressure therapy for hair loss and see results within a few weeks?

Pressure Points For Hair Growth

Acupressure could prove to be the most effective therapy for hair loss if you religiously follow the massage tips given in this article. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) associates the hair fall problem with the declining “Chi” (vital energy) towards your scalp. Moreover, this problem also occurs when certain meridians inside our body representing various organs don’t function optimally.

Pressure points for hair growth prescribes massaging of the points that are present across these meridians to release vital energy for their efficient working and to curb or permanently get rid of the hair fall problem. Let us now have a look at these wonderful acupressure for hair growth that you could press twice-thrice daily.

  1. Paihui spot (Governing Vessel 20 Acupressure Points For Hair Growth)

acupressure points for hair growth

  • This is the easiest point to massage throughout the day for hair fall.
  • Rather than pressing this point alone, you could merge a complete hair massage with this point.
  • It re-energizes the scalp with blood vessels that help you stay calm and boost hair growth from the follicles.
  1. Finger nails or Balayam (Nail Acupressure For Hair Growth)

acupressure for hair growth

  • Fold fingers on both the hands towards your palm.
  • Now bring the nails on both your hands together.
  • Rub nails against each other in upwards-downwards motion.
  • Continue this for 5 whole minutes.
  • If men would like to grow beard and moustache, they could rub the nails of their thumbs.
  • The Balayam acupressure for hair growth will increase flow of blood towards your scalp and boost energy down to the follicles to strengthen your hair and increase its growth.
  1. Conception Vessel 12 (Acupressure For Hair Regain)

acupressure for hair regain

There is a strong association of hair loss with stomach related problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, and indigestion. Conception 12, is an important point in Chinese medicine for hair loss. It invigorates “Chi” towards your digestive system to strengthen your stomach and other digestive organs, thus reducing the hair loss problem. The CV 12 acupressure for hair regain is located exactly between the bottom of the breastbone and your umbilicus.

  1. Kidney 10 Acupressure Points For Hair Growth

pressure points for hair growth

Blocked energy towards the kidney meridian results into premature aging that also includes hair loss. Kidneys play a dominant role in the overall development of the body. If you are looking for an answer on how to control hair fall, it is vital for you to have a strongly functioning kidney. It will be instrumental in getting shiny, thick, and strong hair. The acupressure points for hair growth is located on the inside corner at the crease of the back of your knee.

  1. Stomach 37

acupressure points for hair growth

Overall health and wellness are maintained when a naturally occurring acid in your stomach called hydrochloric acid is present in required levels. This acid prevents various diseases caused by micro-organisms and food-borne bacteria. Hair loss could also be a result of low levels of hydrochloric acid produced in your stomach which is not able to absorb vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The Stomach 37 acupressure for hair loss is vital to produce HCL acid and strengthen your hair.

  1. Liver (Acupressure For Hair Regain)

acupressure for hair growth

Liver plays a crucial role in boosting healthy hair. Hormonal balance is dependent on how well your liver is able to process fats, toxins and hormones. A healthy liver will be able to eliminate toxic waste from your body, and thus your body could take care of other vital elements including hair growth. You could locate the liver acupressure points for hair growth 7 finger width above the tip of your ankle bone on the inner side.

  1. Liver 3 (Another Liver Pressure Points For Hair Growth)

pressure points for hair growth

As discussed earlier, strengthening your liver plays a significant part in your hair fall treatment. The Liver 3 acupressure for hair loss is located between your toe and the first finger. The Liver 3 point is also an important point to invigorate vital energy throughout your body.

  1. Urinary Bladder 40

acupressure treatment for hair loss

This point could be found right on the center of the crease at the back of your knee. In addition to hair fall it is also a very helpful acupressure treatment for acute lower back pain, muscle spasms, summer heat, heat exhaustion, skin related issues, and knee pain.

Conclusion – Try Acupressure For Hair Growth Over Chemicals

There is no dearth of shampoos and other hair growth boosters in the market. That is the most common way to treat hair loss, but it comes with its own share of hazards, the major one being harmful chemicals. There is no harm in considering alternative medicine in the form of acupressure points for hair growth. It will enhance the flow of blood and energy to your scalp. Not only will this increase hair growth, but you will also see a sharp decline in digestive disorders, stress, and anxiety.

For alternate treatment along with acupressure, here is a video we came across that will be quite helpful:


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