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Many of us have experienced or may experience eye related problems at some point or other. Some of these are minor and tend to go away without bothering too much. But, there are some eye problems that persist and cause pain and many other problems with our vision that demand immediate attention. In this article, we will show how you could subside various eye related problems with the help of acupressure points for eyes. These points could be used in various ailments related to the eye. Even if you feel difference in your vision or your eyes were never very healthy, you could turn the things other way around with these pressure points for eyes. First we will have a look at some of the most common eye related problems.


Your eyes get tired of overuse due to long hours of work on laptop, mobile, or tablet. Someone who reads a lot or drives long distances also experience eye strain.

Red Eyes:

A look into your eyes and it seems that they have been bleeding. The surface of your eyes is surrounded by blood vessels that expand whey they’re irritated. Hence, the red color. Common examples include conjunctivitis and sun damage. Yes, we will discuss acupressure points for eyesight problems like these.

Night Blindness:

Is it hard for you to have an optimal vision in the dark? Do you find it difficult to find your way around in dark places? It sounds like night blindness. It is a common symptom for near sightedness, cataracts, keratoconus, and Vitamin A deficiency. Acupressure for eyes could also be applied for night blindness problems.

Lazy Eyes:

This is a condition wherein vision is weaker in one eye and this eye moves around lazily while the other stays in the same location.


Uvea is the middle layer of the eye and any inflammation to this part is termed as Uveitis. Common symptoms include blurred vision, pain in the eyes, eye redness, and light sensitivity.


Commonly experienced by people in the age group of 40+. Despite god distance vision they aren’t able to view close objects and small print and have to hold them farther away from eyes to read or have a clear view. You could massage acupressure points for eyes given in this article to delay or overcome this condition.

Dry Eyes:

This happens when your eyes are unable to stay hydrated. Extreme dryness could result into blindness.

Excess tearing:

Rather than emotions, your eyes may become sensitive to light, wind, or temperature changes. You feel the need to wear sunglasses.


They form cloudy vision as a result of which you may experience glare around lights during night time.


Too many pressure levels could damage the optic nerve of your eyes. This condition is termed as Glaucoma. It is caused when there is an overlooked injury to the eye, blocked blood vessels or other inflammatory disorders.

Eyelid Problems:

These little closures do a lot for you. They protect your eyes, spread tears to keep them hydrated, and limit the amount of light that enters into your eyes. When your eyelids are affected, some of the common symptoms that you may face are pain, tearing, itching, or sensitivity to light.

The Most Effective Acupressure Points For Eyes

Many pressure points for eyesight are located across different meridians of the body. Some of them are directly associated with eyes, while the others have their own relation with eyesight problems. We will learn about the relation of these meridians with your eyes and how you could use acupressure therapy to treat various problems.

The Most Effective Acupressure Points For Eyes

Many pressure points for eyesight are located across different meridians of the body. Some of them are directly associated with eyes, while the others have their own relation with eyesight problems. We will learn about the relation of these meridians with your eyes and how you could use acupressure therapy to treat various problems.

  1. Stomach Meridian Acupressure Points For Eyesight

Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease are some of the conditions related to the stomach that cause excessive gas and blurry vision. Thus, it becomes vital to address stomach issues when you are facing problems with your eyes. We have identified 2 vital points in the stomach meridian.

Stomach 2: The point is located directly below the eye pupil and above the cheekbone. Being near to the eye socket, this is the most beneficial acupressure point for myopia, corneal opacity, pain of the eye, itchiness, and redness of the eyes.

acupressure points for eyes

Stomach 37: These acupressure for eyes points are located midway between the kneecap and your ankle on the shin bone.

pressure points for eyes

  1. Urinary Bladder Meridian Pressure Points For Eyes

It is proven that urinary tract infection could lead to kidney and bladder damage. But, it could also affect your eye and give you an eye infection. Moreover, one of the urinary bladder meridian points come in close contact to the eye. Pain in the eyes and tearing are some of the common issues related with the urinary bladder meridian. We will learn about the acupressure points for eyes in the urinary bladder meridian:

Urinary Bladder 2: It is the pivotal point for watery and itchy eyes. These are also vital acupressure points for glaucoma, night blindness, blurry or weak vision. They also helps in twitching and prolapse of eyelids. The points are found exactly at the point where the end of the eyebrow meets the bridge of your nose on both the sides.

acupressure for eyes

Urinary Bladder 67: This point is best recommended for eye pain. It is located at the outer corner of the nail of your last toe.

eye massager pressure points

Urinary Bladder 40: This point is located at the center of the crease on the back of your knee.

acupressure points for eyes

  1. Kidney Meridian Eye Massager Pressure Points

Every internal organ of the body nourishes various parts of our eyes according to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The lens of your eye and pupil are nourished by the kidney. The following pressure points for eyes fall in the kidney meridian:

Kidney 10: These are the most effective pressure points for eyes falling in the kidney meridian. You could find this point on the extreme, inner corner of the crease at the back of your knee.

kidney acupressure therapy for eyes

  1. Liver Meridian Acupressure Points For Eye Problems

The liver meridian is associated with the cornea and the iris. Therefore an imbalance of energy in the liver meridian will cause major problems in your eyes too. The following points in this meridian are the most important acupressure for eyes:

Liver 3 (Bigger Rushing): Pain in the eyes, glaucoma, and near-sightedness are some of the common indications of liver problems. This point is located on the webbing between the big and the second toe.

liver acupressure points for eye problems

Liver 5: This point is located about 7 finger width upwards from the inner ankle bone.

pressure points for eyes

Liver Point: This is the most important liver point and is located on the lower border of your rib cage.

acupressure for eyesight

  1. Gall Bladder Meridian

The gall bladder starts from the eyes along the side of the head. Hence, it is a vital meridian for all eye related problems. Moreover, the gall bladder gets impaired due to various factors like traumatic events, stress, bad eating habits (oily, spicy or fatty foods). This impairment affects the eyes. Thus, it is vital to check the gall bladder meridian if you have some problems in the eyes.

Gall Bladder 37: Night blindness, eye pain, blurring of vision are some of the indications of energy deficiency in the gall bladder meridian. The point could be found halfway between the outer ankle bone and the crease of your knee.

acupressure treatment for eyesight

Gall Bladder 44: This point is located on the lower corner of the nail on the fourth toe. The image given below will help locate these pressure points for eyesight easily.

massage therapy for healthy eyes

Gall Bladder 2: It is just near the lower end of your ear. You will feel an indentation when you stretch your jaw.

acupressure massage for eyesight

Gall Bladder 1: The GB 1 is the most important point as it is the closes to your eyes. You could find it on the outer corner of your eye sockets.

eye treatment with acupressure massage

Gall Bladder 14: Blurry visions, twitching of eye lids, pain of eyes are some of the indications for this point. Draw a straight line from the center of your eyebrow towards your hairline. You will find this point midway between the eyebrow and your hairline.

forehead massage therapy for healthy eyesight

  1. Governing Vessel Meridian

The Governing Vessel looks after all the masculine channels of our body and nourishes the brain and the spinal cord. The following GV point falls near the eyes and thus is considered important for various eye related troubles:

Governing Vessel 24.5: This acupressure for eyes is the most important. It is also known as the “Third Eye Point” and is found in the middle of your eyebrows and just above the bridge of your nose.

  1. Conception Vessel Meridian

The CV meridian is a “Yin” meridian. When Yin is working fine, our eyes are steady. However, there are lots of physical complications resulting from deficiency of Yin, including itchy and weary eyes. So, it becomes important to massage the CV meridian to restore energy for various functions of our bodies, including the eyes.

Conception Vessel 12: The CV meridian could be found midway between the bellybuton and breast bone.


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