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Acupressure boosts your body’s self-healing powers to get rid of innumerable ailments and disorders. Similarly, acupressure points for asthma are highly effective and eradicate this disease from the root if you massage the points religiously. With acupressure you could release the blocked energy through meridians that trigger the asthma condition. There could be several reasons for asthma. Some of the most common reasons are given below:

Allergies: The most common allergens that triggers asthma are:

  • Dust mites
  • Pet dander
  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Pollens
  • Molds

Irritants In Air: Sensitive airways could get inflamed by these harmful substances in the air that surrounds our environment.

  • Smoke that is produced for cigarettes.
  • Pollutants in the air.
  • Fire produced from wood.
  • Strong fumes, or odors generated from petroleum products, perfumes, paint, and scented soaps.
  • Exposure to chemicals.

Respiratory Disorders: Someone suffering from asthma might be having certain respiratory disorders that include:

  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Sinus infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Sore Throats

With acupressure for asthma, you could not only overcome the respiratory disorders, but also a majority of the symptoms given above. We will now have a look at this acupressure therapy.

Acupressure Points For Asthma And Other Respiratory Disorders

  1. Lung 1 Point – Pivotal Pressure Points For Asthma

Acupressure for asthma

The lung meridian is associated with your bronchi, allergies, immune system, and the skin. The lung meridian is also associated with oxygen content of your body. The very first acupressure for lungs is Lung 1 (L1) and is also referred to “Letting Go.” These acupressure points for cough and asthma are found on the outer portion of the upper chest and three finger widths below your collarbone.

  1. Stomach 16 Points -Acupressure For Asthma In Stomach Meridian 

Acupressure points for asthma

Even if constant treatment for the respiratory organs is not showing results for your asthma problem, it’s time to check how your stomach is functioning. The odds are that the stomach acid reflux might be the culprit. Acid reflux is found to be the most common reason behind the asthma condition in many patients. Thus, treating this acid reflux might subside the asthma problem in many patients. The acid reflux is a situation when the muscle that keeps stomach and food juices in the stomach gets loose and allows all the content in the stomach to back up in the throat.  You could these acupressure points for asthma on both the sides of your chest in the line that connects the center of the clavicle and the nipple.

  1. Kidney 27 Points – Acupressure Points For Cough & Asthma

pressure points for asthma

Lower immune system may make your body vulnerable to various allergens in the atmosphere. In addition to that if you have a low adrenaline and frequently suffer from fatigue, you should consider balancing energy towards the kidney. Kidney 27 points are located just below your collar bone on both the sides. Those having respiratory problems and cough will feel heaviness in their chest when they apply pressure on this point. Being right on the chest, it is a vital acupressure point for asthma that opens and relaxes the chest, subsides asthma attach, encourages comfortable breathing, and reduces cough.

  1. Conception Vessel 14 – Vital Pressure Points For Lungs

acupressure points for cough

The CV 14 point is important in strengthening and harmonizing the lung by treating its energy. Massaging these points will show effective results for poor breathing patterns, asthma, fullness in chest, and difficulty in breathing. Those suffering from regular asthma attacks will be able to breathe better and more deeply, thus making it one of the most important pressure points for asthma and bronchitis.

  1. Lung 5 – Acupressure For Asthma In Lung Meridian

pressure points for lungs

The lung 5 point is located at the outer crease of your elbow adjacent to the LI 11 point. The L 5 point is highly recommended acupressure point for cough, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and swelling and pain in the throat.

  1. Lung 7 – Pressure Points For Asthma & Bronchitis

acupressure points for asthma

Scratchy throat is one of the common symptoms for those suffering from asthma and bronchitis. You could reduce this symptom by massaging the L7 point for your lungs. This point will regulate the function of the lungs and all its channels. The point will help reduce various ailments related to the lungs, including wheezing, chest phlegm, coughing and more. These pressure points for asthma are located at the edge of the palm below your thumb.

  1. Stomach 40 – Acupressure Points For Asthma In Stomach Meridian

Acupressure for asthma

As discussed above in Stomach 16, you could relieve your stomach from acid reflux that gives rise to phlegm in the body, breathing issues, chest oppression, cough, and asthma. The Stomach 40 acupressure for lungs is found midway between your knee cap and ankle and 1 width on the outer side of your shin bone.

  1. Kidney 3

acupressure points for cough

The kidney is associated with the lungs and the kidney 3 point could work with various types of asthma, especially when you are facing difficulty in taking deep breaths. The kidney 3 point could also subside coughing and wheezing. The internal branch of kidney meridian passes through the throat. So, the Kidney 3 point becomes an important acupressure treatment for asthma.

  1. Governing Vessel 14 – Acupressure Treatment For Cough, Cold & Flu

Acupressure for cough

The GV 14 point is also called the “Daz Hui” point. Located on the back, below your skull, it is a vital point for treating shortness of breath, and exhaustion in the whole body. It is also an important point to treat cold & flu.

  1. Ding Chuan -Dedicated Acupressure Points For Asthma

acupressure for wheezing

The “Ding Chuan” is the most important acupressure for asthma as it’s literal meaning is, “Stop Asthma, Calm Dyspnea.” You could find these points on both the sides of the neck bottom of your spine. In addition to asthma, this point also provides relief from sore throat, cough, and shoulder and back pain.

  1. Urinary Bladder 43 – Acupressure For Cough & Bronchitis

acupressure points for asthma and bronchitis

When you are suffering from chronic asthma or cough, you might suffer from urinary leakage that is also known as stress urinary incontinence. It happens when the muscles of the pelvic muscles are stretched and make tiny tears in the muscle. In addition to strengthening these muscles, the UB 43 is also the pivotal as pressure points for lungs.

  1. Ear Pressure Points For Asthma

ear points for asthma

Allergies is one of the main causes behind asthma. One of the common indications of allergies is “Itching Ears.” Ear acupressure massage also has dedicated points for asthma and cough that could be pressed during any time of the day. Refer the image given above to locate these points. It is recommended to apply pressure on your dominant side ear. So if you are right-handed, press the points on the right ear.

Conclusion – Pressure Points For Lungs Are Safe And Secure

Acupressure massage is quite a safe method compared to the conventional medicinal approach that has heavy side effects. Acupressure has no side effects and could be pressed anytime during the day. We suggest you dedicate 15 minutes twice daily to press the given points here. Along with treating asthma, the points given here will also strengthen your lungs and vital organs that have weakened because of the physical stress resulting from the shortness of breathing. It is also highly recommended to massage acupressure points for vital energy to invigorate immunity and energy towards various meridians in your body.

Here is some more information on asthma that will help you identify the symptoms and causes.


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