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Depression is nothing, but energy imbalance towards various meridians inside your body. Just pay attention to your mood, breathing, and stay motivated along with applying acupressure for depression given in this article.

With the acupressure points given here, you will be able to get rid of all kinds of emotional pain, heartache, depression and other emotional disorders including stress and anxiety. While applying pressure to the points given here, just focus on deep breathing and you will observe faster results.

Acupressure Points For Depression

  1. Three Mile Pressure Points For Depression

acupressure for depression

This point is known to strengthen the digestive, muscular system and more importantly it is a great point to balance emotions. It helps in combating all negative emotions. You will be able to find this acupressure for depression four finger-widths below the knee cap on the outer side of the shin bone.

  1. Sea Of Tranquility Pressure Point For Depression

acupressure for anxiety

This point is powerful in relieving several emotional disorders. Moreover, it is an important point for cough, asthma and chest congestion. Count four finger widths upwards from the bottom of your breastbone. Ensure that you breathe deeply while applying pressure. This point is most referred in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for anxiety. It is a vital acupressure point for stress and anxiety.

  1. Third Eye Point

pressure points for anxiety

Of all the pressure points for depression, this one stands tall. It has a direct relation with the calmness of the mind. Apply pressure right at the bridge where the nose meets the forehead, between the eyebrows. During depressed and stressful conditions, you will feel heaviness on applying pressure. Press this point for 2 minutes 2-3 times daily while breathing deeply. This is also an important acupressure point for memory and brain power.

  1. Great Rushing

pressure points for depression

According to acupressure, liver is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions within your body. So if you are experiencing emotional troubles, maybe it’s time to regulate the function of liver. The great rushing pressure points for anxiety and depression and found on your feet, between your big and second toe.

  1. Letting Go Pressure Points For Depression

pressure points to relieve stress


As the name suggests, these points help you in letting go all negative emotions within your mind. Shallow breathing, chest congestion are often associated with a depressed mind. This point will also help in getting rid of all depressive thoughts and bring back a positive attitude towards life. The Letting Go acupressure point for depression and stress is located on the upper side of the chest below the collar bone on either sides.

  1. Grandfather – Grandson

pressure points for stress

This point is known to balance energy across the body. So, it also provides nourishment to the mind and relieves it from all kinds of negative emotions. These pressure points for depression are located on the inner side of the foot at the bottom of the big toe.

  1. Inner Gate

acupressure for depression

The point is located at 3 finger widths from the palm on the inner arm. Massaging this point will keep the heart healthy, which is the worst affected during stressful conditions. Pressing this point will also enable you to keep depressive thoughts at bay.

  1. Union Valley

acupressure for anxiety


This point is mentioned various times in acupressure therapy. It is found between the thumb and the forefinger. In addition to being an important acupressure point for depression, it relieves several other ailments like fatigue, indigestion, obesity and more.

  1. Central Treasury

pressure points for anxiety


These pressure points to relieve stress and depression are found about the point where the chest connects with the arms. Massaging this point will increase the flow of energy throughout the body and will relieve your mind quickly.

  1. The Fu Xi Point

pressure points for depression

This point is located on both sides of the back between the shoulder blade and spine. Use an acupressure roller or other acupressure equipment to apply pressure on the acupressure for depression. Massaging this point regularly will help you get rid of all kinds of mental negativity.

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