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The health of your stomach plays a huge role in how your life behaves with you. A strong stomach is the sign of a healthy life. Only a strong stomach has the ability to digest the necessary nutrients and eliminate waste. Constipation is a result of a weak digestive system that is not able to smoothly eliminate the wastes deposited in our body from the food we consume. In this article we will discuss the various points of acupressure for constipation that will strengthen your digestive system that is instrumental in leading a healthy life.

6 Acupressure Points For Constipation

Constipation means different things for different people. For some, bowel movements occurs twice or thrice a week, while some people are dependent on laxatives and other medicines to regulate their bowel movements. The traditional Chinese medicine has given us some really wonderful pressure points for constipation. These points could be massaged twice daily for 3-5 minutes for a prolonged period of time to get instant constipation relief.

  1. Stomach 25 Point – Vital Acupressure For Constipation

pressure points for constipation

The Stomach 25 point is where “Chi” for large intestine travels. This acupressure point is the meeting point for the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. You could locate the point three finger width parallel beside the center of your navel. You will have to massage the point at edge of the last finger. Massaging this point regularly will release abdominal energy and blood, balance the functioning of the stomach, and strengthen your intestines. The ST 25 acupressure points for constipation are also useful during stomach pain, diarrhea, and all kinds of intestinal disorders.

  1. Conception Vessel 6 – Abdomen Acupressure For Constipation

acupressure for constipation

Conception Vessel 6 is the most powerful out of all the pressure points to relieve constipation. In very simple terms, this point provides nourishment to the whole body, while strengthening your digestion and fertility. This acupressure for constipation point is located three finger widths below the belly button. Stimulate this point by applying slow and gradually increasing pressure while breathing deeply.

  1. Conception Vessel 12 – Most Vital Pressure Points For Constipation

acupressure points for constipation

All the energy of your stomach gathers at the Conception Vessel 12 point. It regulates and strengthens your spleen and stomach. The major task of this point is to convert water and grain into valuable nutrients for your body. It is on the point where your ribs meet your belly button on the body midline. It is mostly used to cure indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and loss of appetite.

  1. Stomach 36 – Important Acupressure Points For Constipation On Feet

Stomach Acupressure For Constipation Relief

Stomach 36 point represents several treatments and is the most important point to balance energy and regulate the flow of blood. It boosts general health and body wellness, while its main involves strengthening the digestive system. You could find it when you place four fingers below the kneecap and one finger width on the outer side of the shin bone. These pressure points for constipation are not only recommended as acupressure points for constipation, but are also recommended to strengthen your immune system and boost vital energy.

  1. Large Intestine 4 (Pressure Points For Constipation)

Acupressure for constipation (LI 4)

This point is dedicated to the large intestine. If constipation is bothering you, this is the first hand point. You could find it in the webbing between your thumb and the forefinger. It is the most powerful point when you want some instant energy and is also famous to relieve pain throughout the body.

  1. Large Intestine 11 – Acupressure Therapy For Instant Constipation Relief

Li11 Acupressure Points For Constipation

Just like LI 4 that was discussed above, the LI 11 point also strongly addresses constipation and other stomach discomforts. It is highly recommended to boost your metabolism if you are looking to curb your hunger and burn calories fast. The point is at the end of the elbow crease on the outer side. These pressure points for constipation are found on both the arms. In many cases, this point gives instant constipation relief and other stomach related discomforts.


As discussed during the start of the post, healthy digestion is the key to long and healthy life. With acupressure points for constipation relief, you could stimulate energy across various meridians to improve digestion and keep the constipation problem at bay. Massaging these acupressure points for constipation will also boost your immune system and generate electrifying energy throughout your body.

You will also be amazed to know that there are certain foods that cure constipation! The video given below will guide you:

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