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Are you suffering from stuffy and runny nose? Is your throat sore and scratchy? Your head is pounding with pain. The symptoms indicate that you are suffering from cold or flu. As a result of this, your concentration levels dip at home or work. Seems like cold and flu are quite lingering diseases. Prolonged conditions could weaken your immunity and the symptoms occur more frequently. But there is some quick remedy. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) prescribes some acupressure points for cold and flu and sinus pressure points. Massage these points during any time of the day to reduce the symptoms.

Pressure Points For Headaches, Cold & Flu

  1. Third Eye Point – A Vital Sinus Pressure Point

pressure points for headaches

Area surrounding your nose is primary for acupressure for cold and flu. The third eye point cures several ailments. Hence, it also holds significant importance in treatment of chronic sinusitis, nasal discharge, and headache. You could find the point at the middle of your eyebrows. It is situated exactly where the bridge of the nose meets the center of your forehead. Massage this point firmly for 5-7 minutes daily. It is very effective pressure points for headaches and the congestion of nose.

  1. Drilling Bamboo Point – Pressure points for headaches and sinus congestion

acupressure for cold

This acupressure for cold represents nasal congestion, congestion in head, running nose and back pain. This point is found below the inner end of the eyebrows. Apply pressure at the point just where the eye socket begins. 5-7 minutes of massage throughout the day will relieve sinus congestion, headache, back pain and other symptoms associated with cold, flu, and fever.

  1. Union Valley – Large Intestine Acupressure For Cold

pressure points for cold and flu

Pregnant women should avoid this point. People with irregularities in the intestine meridian often suffer from respiratory and lung problems. And the union valley acupressure points for cold and flu falls under the intestine meridian. It clears all kinds of congestion occurring in the sinus and respiratory regions. The points are located at the webbing between thumb and the index finger. It is a vital point for cough.

  1. Energy Buttons (Kidney Acupressure For Cold)

acupressure points for cold and flu

Imbalances towards the kidney meridian could cause congested nose, sore throat and chest congestion. All these symptoms are relieved by the energy points at the kidney meridian. They are located right below the collarbone on both the sides. Press these points for 5-7 minutes twice or thrice daily. On pressing these points, you will feel the friction in your throat and chest. These points are also important to promote longevity and invigorate vital energy.

  1. Facial Beauty Point

blocked sinus relief with acupressure massage

Inflamed and irritated stomach and intestines also cause cold, cough, congestion in chest and sinus, muscle aches, and fatigue. The facial beauty point falls under the stomach meridian. However, they are vital acupressure points for cold and congestion. It is also called the Stomach 3 point. Apply firm pressure on these points to relieve all kinds of congestion, cough and colds. Moreover, these points are also massaged to enhance your facial beauty.

  1. Crooked Pond

pressure points for sinus congestion

The Crooked Pond acupressure point is also associated with the large intestine. It is situated on the outer edge of the elbow crease. For faster results apply firm pressure with the thumb on a frequent basis. Massaging this point will relieve you from fever, cold, and constipation. It also plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system.

  1. Acupressure Nostril Points

pressure points to relieve sinus congestion

These points are massaged to relieve nasal congestion and pain. They are located besides both the nostrils. Apply firm pressure on both the sides simultaneously to get relief from nasal discharge, sinus issues, allergies, and loss of smell or taste.

  1. Great Abyss

acupressure therapy for cold and flu

It is a lung acupressure point. The lung meridian represents the immune system, cold, cough, the skin, and the bronchial system. Therefore, the Great Abyss pressure point situated at the bottom of the thumb on the wrist crease becomes an important point. Applying firm pressure on this point releases vital energy towards your lungs and clear your chest. This is a pivotal acupressure point for cold and cough.

  1. Outer Gate – Important acupressure points for cold and flu

pressure points for cough and cold

The outer gate is one of the most important acupressure for cold. Imbalance in respiration, digestion, and elimination of food could cause harm to the triple warmer meridian in your body. As a result, your body is unable to get rid of toxics. This point will increase the body’s immune towards the toxics that trigger cold and flu. Measure three finger length from the palm as you go down. You will locate the point between the two tendons.


The acupressure points for cold, headache, flu, and other sinus related ailments given here will also strengthen your immune system to fight various diseases in the long run.

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