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Arthritis is commonly heard and referred, but is not completely understood. What is commonly known as joint pain or joint disease is actually the leading cause of disability in America. There are more than 100 kinds of arthritis. The most common targets for this disease are women and older people.

The most obvious symptoms of arthritis include stiffness, swelling, pain and decreased range of motion of the joints. Severe arthritis could result into chronic pain and restriction in daily activities that require physical flexibility. Out of all the types of arthritis, the most common types of arthritis include the ones in the hand, knee, elbows and osteoarthritis.

In this article on acupressure for arthritis, we will discuss all the most effective massage points throughout your body to slowly and gradually recover from this joint disease.

Which Meridians To Target With Acupressure for Arthritis

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians run throughout the body to deliver energy. Meridians are associated with the life function associated with them. We suffer from various ailments when energy towards these meridians is blocked. Acupressure therapy is one of the many alternative medicines described in TCM that resets the energy breakers and energy flow.

The pain of arthritis is experienced on various parts of our body, which are present across various meridians. So, according to the principles of acupressure massage therapy you could massage the points on these meridians to relieve your arthritis pain. We will now look at how various meridians inside your body are associated with the arthritis pain.

Heart: Rheumatoid arthritis is known to cause pain in hands and knees. However, the pain could also spread around your chest and it is known as costochondritis. It is often misunderstood as a heart attack as a result of the location of the pain. The chest being close to the heart, you could massage certain acupressure points on the heart meridian to relieve the arthritis pain. Heart disease also tops the list of serious complications experienced by people with rheumatoid arthritis. So, it is highly recommended to massage points in the heart meridian to avoid any severe damage.

Lungs: As discussed above, rheumatoid arthritis affects the chest that also falls in the lung meridian. Thus, massaging the points in this meridian will benefit your arthritis pain in chest. One more thing that should be kept in mind is that rheumatoid arthritis also causes lung disease. Acupressure points for arthritis that are targeted in this meridian will help you curb these harmful effects.

Kidney: Some of the areas of arthritis pain in your legs also falls in the kidney meridian. Moreover, there is substantial evidence to prove that rheumatoid arthritis has many health consequences, one of them being kidney disease.

Spleen: A close observation of all the areas where arthritis pain occurs tends to show us that the pain exists on various points where the spleen meridian exists. In some cases, arthritis results into a condition wherein the spleen becomes enlarged and the white blood cell count drops. This makes your body vulnerable to infections.

Liver: Arthritis pain above the inner ankle bone on your feet also represents the liver meridian. Pain between your larger and second toe also are signs of arthritis. However, this area also falls under the liver meridian. Thus, massaging these points relieves you from arthritis pain and protects your liver from enlargement which is also one of the effects of arthritis.

Pericardium: The most common cardiac condition resulting from rheumatoid arthritis is pericarditis. In most of the cases pericarditis preceded arthritis giving us early signs of the joints disease. The earlier you start treating the disorders in your pericardium meridian, the more you keep arthritis at bay.

Abdomen: Studies have found that people with RA have more gastrointestinal problems than those who do not have arthritis. Arthritis causes an imbalance of intestinal bacteria and according to a study by Journal of Nutrition in 2011 reveals that 66% of people suffering from arthritis also suffered from constipation. This co-relation could be subsided by massaging the points on the stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and the digestive system meridians.

Small & Large Intestines: Most of the beneficial bacteria live in our intestinal tract. Also known as microbiome, these bugs influence the immune system. They guard us from pathogens and inflammation. Any disruptions in the microbial ecosystem may cause chronic diseases like the arthritis. The prevalence of arthritis will also trigger many complications in the gastrointestinal tract.

In this article we have targeted various types of arthritis and their treatment with acupressure points.

Acupressure For Osteo Arthritis

Governing Vessel 26

acupressure for arthritis

Spleen 21

acupressure points for arthritis

Large Intestine 11

large intestine point for arthritis
Small Intestine 13

pressure points for osteo arthritis

Spleen 10

spleen points for arthritis

Stomach 36

stomach pressure points for osteo arthritis

Liver 5

arthritis treatment with acupressure

Spleen 6

acupressure therapy for arthritis pain

Liver 1

liver point

Large Intestine 4

large intestine pressure point for arthritis

Acupressure For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Governing Vessel 26

acupressure points for rheumatoid arthritis

Spleen 21

pressure points for rheumatoid arthritis

Large Intestine 11

large intestine acupressure therapy for rheumatoid arthritis

Small Intestine 13

effective acupressure for arthritis

Spleen 10

acupressure points for arthritis

Liver 5

acupressure therapy

Spleen 6

spleen acupressure massage for rheumatoid arthritis

Spleen 4

raditional chinese medicine for arthritis

Liver 1

liver point for arthritis

Large Intestine 4

acupressure massage for arthritis

Common Arthritis

Spleen 4

pressure points for common arthritis pain

Outer Gate

Gates of Consciousness

relief from arthritis pain with acupressure

Heart 5

Heart 7

heart meridian point for arthritis

Kidney 10

Spleen 6

spleen point for arthritis

Kidney 3

Stomach 44

Gall Bladder 41

Gall Bladder 21

arthritis pressure points on shoulder

Stomach 25

Lung 5

Conception Vessel 4

Governing Vessel 3

Urinary Bladder 39

Stomach 37

Lung 1

Conception Vessel 12

Small Intestine 10

Triple Warmer 5

acupressure points for arthritis on hand

Conclusion – Acupressure For Arthritis Is Highly Effective

Over 80% of the diseases in our bodies are created by some negative emotions. Acupressure therapy removes all kinds of emotional and physical negativity, while releasing the blockage of energy through various pathways. It is the biggest source of hope for individuals living with various ailments, including the painful conditions like acupressure. The acupressure points for arthritis given in this article will prove to be an effective conventional option.


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