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Yes, that burning sensation in the chest is quite disturbing. It continues to sting us while we carry on our daily activities. This burning sensation is commonly referred to as heartburn, or acid reflux, or acidity. This symptom arises when your digestive system is not intact and you top it up with spicy, oily, or high-cholesterol food. Acupressure for acidity is the best alternate for antacids and over-the-counter medicines. In this article we will discuss how to take natural care for acid reflux.

Acupressure Points For Acidity

  1. Central Venter Acupressure For Acid Reflux

acupressure for acidity

The conception vessel nourishes the blood. This meridian is feminine and moves the fire energy from the heart to the belly. Thus, it relieves heartburn and improves digestion. The point is located between the belly button and the breastbone. These pressure points for heartburn should only be pressed when you haven’t consumed food for 4 hours.

  1. The Inner Pass Acupressure Point For Acidity & Gas

acupressure for heartburn


This point is commonly referred in acupressure therapy as the pericardium 6 point. In addition to relieving acidity, it is also one of the most helpful acupressure points for gas & bloating, nausea, vomiting during pregnancy, headaches, motion sickness and more. This point is found three-finger widths away from the wrist on the inner arm.

  1. Stomach 36 Point

acupressure points for acidity

It all starts with indigestion. This causes acid reflux and hence heartburn sensation. So, stomach meridian is a collection of all pressure points of heartburn. The stomach point is also known as the three mile point and is very important in correcting any muscular disorders, nausea, gastric troubles and acidity. Count four-finger width away from the kneecap and one-finger width away from the shin bone on the outer side of the leg.

  1. Lower Great Hollow Acupressure For Acidity

acupressure point for acidity and gas

This point again falls in the stomach meridian. Stomach indicates the production of acid and enzyme. Any imbalance in this meridian will eventually lead to digestion problems. This results into the reflux. Imbalance in the stomach meridian also causes one to lose patience and calmness. So, it becomes vital to massage major points in the stomach meridian. The point also known as ST39 is located at the middle of the feet between the kneecap and the ankle, one finger-width on the outer side of the shin bone.

  1. Liver 5 Pressure Points For Indigestion

acupressure for acid reflux

Poor functioning of the liver could affect the spleen and pancreas. This weakens the digestive system. The liver 5 point is also called the woodworm canal. You could locate this acupressure points for acidity reflux when you measure all four fingers of your hand upwards from the outer ankle bone.

  1. Liver 3 Point

pressure points for heartburn

Also known as the Great Rushing point, this point is highly effective to treat chronic acidity problem. It is located on the webbing between the big and second toe. In addition to treating digestive disorders, the liver meridian is also responsible in making you feel happy and lucky.

  1. Conception Vessel 6

acupressure for acidity

This acupressure for acidity is found below the belly button. It is very often associated with acidity, gas, constipation, and bloating. The point is also known as the Sea of Energy and is also very useful in boosting immunity. Both the CV12 (mentioned above) and CV6 point will work to relieve acidity immediately by opening up the path for healthy digestion.

  1. Stomach 25 Pressure Points For Acid Reflux

pressure points for indigestion

The point is ideal for treating acidity, regulating functions of the spleen and the intestine and treat irregular menstruation. It is located on both sides of the navel at about an inch distance. Apply medium pressure for 2 minutes twice daily. Although it is one of the important pressure points for acid reflux, special care must be taken as it is a sensitive point.

  1. Urinary Bladder 23 and 47 Acupressure Points For Acidity

pressure points for acid reflux

These points are also termed as sea of vitality and are extremely powerful in the treatment of acidity, lower back pain, sexual disorders and more. At both sides of the spine at the waist level, these points could be located 2 and 4 finger width away respectively. You could easily reach these points while sleeping or standing. But, you could also take the help of an acupressure roller to massage this acupressure points for acidity and gas more easily.

This video will help you identify high amounts of acid in your body so that you could start taking precautions for it:




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