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Indians call it “Prana.” Chinese call it “Chi.” In Hebrew it is called “Ruah.” These are the terms for some kind of energetic life force that resides in our bodies, a fact that has been almost universally accepted. In common terms it is called “vitality” or “vital energy.” It is essentially the inner energy that maintains perfect health when the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical attributes are balanced. Imbalance in any of these attributes will leave your body vulnerable to diseases and physical weaknesses. In this article we shall discuss how you could apply acupressure for energy boost.

10 Acupressure Points For Energy & Longevity (Including Anti-Aging Pressure Points)

In order to maintain the fluidity of vital energy across your body to trigger self-healing and promote longevity (long life), you could massage the following acupressure points for energy given in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These points will also work as instant energy boosters and are proven anti-aging acupressure.

  1. Hundred Convergences (Governing Vessel 20 GV 20)

acupressure points for energy

In TCM “Yin” energy is positive and “Yang” is negative. Both these energies have to co-exist like day and night and an imbalance in these energies is the reason behind all kinds of ailments. Deficiency of yang energy is the reason behind depression, tiredness, feeling weak and helpless, and other psycho-emotional disorders that disrupt the flow of vital energy across the body. The GV 20 point brings together all meridians inside your body. Along with emotional disorders, this point is highly recommended to balance the body’s energy. It is located at the top-center of your head. To easily locate it, drag your fingers from the tip of both your ears towards the top of your head. The point where both the fingers meet at the center is the GV 20. It stimulates the brain power and boosts memory. More importantly it increases vital energy and self-healing power of an individual.

  1. Third Eye Point (Governing Vessel 24.5 or GV 24.5)

acupressure therapy for energy and longevity

Working this acupressure point for energy helps you invoke the third eye that is the center of thoughts, vision, intuition, beliefs and spirituality. It calms the entire body and balances the flow of energy. Also known as the yin tang, it is located at the center of the forehead where the bridge of the nose ends and the forehead begins.

  1. Gate of Consciousness (Gall Bladder 20 or GB 20)

acupressure for energy

“Bile” is an alkaline fluid that aids proper digestion and is located in the gallbladder. It detoxifies the body and eases its burden by regulating bowel movements. Gallbladder is directly associated with psychological pressure and stress that weakens the flow of energy and production of bile. The GB 20 is the easiest point to reactivate energy to this meridian and also strengthen the liver. Place your thumb on both the sides at the meeting place of base of your skull and the top of your neck. This acupressure for energy treatment provides instant effect to the body and promotes longevity.

  1. Shoulder Well (Gall Bladder 21 or GB 21)

pressure points for vital energy

The point is located halfway between the base of your neck and the highest point of shoulder. This point could also be massaged when you feel hyperactivity in the mind and inability to make decisions. In addition to giving you a calm mind, this point will also increase and balance the hidden energies blocked in your body, while relieving from several ailments including pain.

  1. Bubbling Spring (Kidney 1 Acupressure For Energy)

Acupressure points for energy

Ever felt shortage of an adrenaline rush? Well, that is because your adrenal glands are not receiving a steady flow of energy. The kidney meridian has a crucial effect on your adrenal function. Massaging the K1 point, which is the very first kidney point starting from your foot will balance the “yin” and “yang” towards your kidney meridians. The point could be found at the sole of the foot, one-third down the way between the second and third toe. The point plays a significant role in making you feel happy and energetic.

  1. Energy Buttons (Kidney 27 or K 27)

acupressure for instant energy

In acupressure treatment, there are 27 kidney meridians throughout the body. When these points are balanced, your body automatically generates a natural healing power. It reinforces your immune system by strengthening the respiratory system. The point is highly recommended and is also the easiest to boost energy, get clearer thinking and improved vision. They could be located below the collarbone on both the sides. Simply rub your fingers around the collar bone to feel an indentation and soreness. On firm pressing, you could feel that they are connected with your throat and the chest, and hence are also important for cold and flu.

  1. Union Valley (Large Intestine Acupressure Points For Energy)

union valley acupressure point

A low metabolic rate often increases the levels of toxins, which co-relates with psycho-emotional disorders resulting into disruption of the flow of energy to the large intestine. The LI 4 is associated with the treatment of several ailments, however instant energy boost is perhaps one of the most popular advantages of massaging this point. This point also relieves muscular tension. It is located on the small mound of flesh that forms at the bottom of the crease between your thumb and palm.

  1. Three Mile Point (Stomach 36 Pressure Points For Energy)

stomach point

This massage therapy has been mentioned several times in TCM. That’s because various ailments are directly or indirectly related to the balance of your stomach or digestive processes. Press this point daily for 5 minutes for a period of 1 month to see magical results for your muscle strength and increased vital energy. Go down four finger width below the kneecap and one finger width towards the outer side of the shin bone to locate this point.

  1. Great Rushing (Liver 3 or Liv 3)

liver points for energy

The liver meridian basically detoxifies, nourishes, and stores blood. Any negative effect on liver metabolism will result into low energy. With the LIV 3 point you are able to treat energy lapses. This point could be found where the bones of the big and the second toe meet. Applying firm pressure on this point will clear all the blocked meridians and maintain a smooth flow of energy across your body.

  1. Grandfather- Grandson (SP 4 or Spleen 4)

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Obsession with thoughts could eat up your energy, making you feel tired and restless. Body processes are negatively affected when we stress out our mind with lots of thoughts. When severe energy loss persists for a long period of time, it’s time you started massaging the spleen as a low energized spleen has a negative effect on your heart. You could find this point on both feet when you draw a straight line from the outer side of the big toe and reach its bottom. This pressure point has been found extremely effective to provide all-around nourishment to the body and balanced circulation of energy.

Conclusion – Things To Do Along With Acupressure Massage

Drink water all day (8-10 glasses) to remove toxics and stay fresh. Eat at least two fruits or vegetables daily. Instead of stuffing the stomach with large portions of food, eat mini-meals throughout the day. Avoid oily food. When you follow these guidelines along with the above mentioned acupressure therapy, you will walk yourself to the world of happiness and energy where your self-healing power and feel-good factor will be at an all-time high. If you are looking for treatment in acupressure for anxiety, all the above mentioned points will be helpful. Here is a helpful video that will also help you generate vital energy with yoga:


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