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It’s difficult to believe how a small tooth nerve could cause so much pain. The truth is toothache is the most unbearable pain out of all the tiny issues that our body might have. It keeps on telling at the back of our minds that something is wrong. That’s until you take some oral care, keep a check on the food you consume, and apply the most effective pressure point for toothache.

In this article, we will show you various acupressure points for toothache. However, we encourage you to read the whole article to discover the reasons and the best way you could keep toothache away.

Pressure Point For Toothache

  1. The Cheek Bone Hole Point (SI18)

pressure point for toothache

This point is nearest to your tooth region. So, it is helpful as an immediate toothache remedy. You could find this point when you draw a straight line from the corner of your eye and reach the bottom of cheekbone. An illustration of this acupressure point for tooth pain is given below. This point should be your first choice when you start suffering from tooth ache.

  1. Great Valley Pressure Points For Tooth Pain

acupressure for toothache

This acupressure for tooth pain is found near the inner ankle bone. An illustration is given below. It is also believed that some irregularities in kidney functioning could lead to lower immunity. This causes tooth decay very easily. Hence all points in kidney meridian are vital.

  1. Union Valley Pressure Points For Tooth Pain

pressure points for tooth pain

Bring your thumb and the index finger together. Apply pressure on the highest point of the muscle between the two. Look at the illustration below to check this tooth ache pain reliever.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) every tooth is associated with an organ in the body. Since the large intestine meridian passes through the gums of our teeth, gum issues are associated with this organ.

  1. The Outer Pass Pressure Points To Relieve Tooth Pain

acupressure for tooth pain

This point is also popular as a toothache remedy. The point could be found three finger width away from the wrist on the outer arm. This acupressure for toothache will activate the channel to relieve all kinds of pain associated with gums. The outer pass is important acupressure points for fatigue.

  1. Jaw Chariot Pressure Point

pressure points to relieve tooth pain

These points fall within the stomach meridian and are very effective pressure points to relieve tooth pain. In addition to this, they also treat several facial disorders. This point is found right in between the upper and lower jaws. Clench your teeth and you will feel a bulge. This is exactly the jaw chariot point.

  1. Three Mile Acupressure For Tooth Pain

acupressure point for tooth pain

Irritable bowels or irregular functioning of the stomach could affect large intestine. As stated earlier, low functioning large intestine could be the reason behind toothache. So, the three mile point becomes an important acupressure point for toothache. It is located four-finger width below the knee cap and one finger width on the outer side of shin bone. The three-mile is also a vital acupressure point for weight loss.

  1. Upper Arm Convergence (Triple Warmer 13)

acupressure for tooth ache pain relief

The point on this meridian is an effective reflexology for toothache. Though located below the shoulder on the upper arm, it proves to be effective pain killer. The point is located on the upper arm on the external side. Refer the image given below to locate these points.

  1. Kunlun Mountains Pressure Points For Tooth Pain

pressure points to tooth nerve pain

This is also a precautionary point as it restricts the spread of infection. Moreover, it is also a helpful pain killer for tooth ache. TCM has unique points located at various irrelevant regions. However, they are effective as they fall in relevant meridians of your body. The Kunlun mountains acupressure for tooth ache could be found just near the outer ankle bone.

  1. Fluid Gate Point

tooth ache pain reliever

This is a quick relief point for toothache. It is located right below the small finger at the web that connects with the 4th finger. Look at the picture below to locate this point.

  1. The Great Hammer Point

pressure point for toothache

There are several governing vessel points mentioned in the traditional Chinese Medicine. The hammer point is the 14th point in this meridian. It is located at the spine just in line with your shoulders. It helps to eliminate excess heat and regulate the blood circulation towards your tooth area.

Reasons Of Tooth Ache

There are numerous reasons that causes tooth ache. Here are the mostly identified reasons. Acupressure for tooth ache could cure for all the reasons given below.

  • Tooth Decay: One of the most common reasons behind all toothache is tooth decay. The decay reaches the inner layer of your teeth, which is called the “Dentin.” Any damage to this part causes cavity and pain.
    Gum Disease: Gum disease is identified where there is a faint pain in mouth, bleeding gums and also tooth pain. A common cause is inflamed gums. Negligence may lead to surgery.
    Sensitivity: It happens when tooth’s enamel has gone down and the dentin becomes exposed. The sensitivity pain triggers when something hot or cold is consumed.
    Tooth fracture: It could happen when you have bit something very hard, fallen down, or if the tooth has cracked due to various reasons.
    Teeth grinding: This occurs when you grind your teeth in tense conditions or while sleeping. This results into sore jaw and damages you jaw lines.
    Improper oral care: This is repeated often by the dentist and it goes here as well. It is important to brush and floss regularly. Negligence will result in inflamed, irritated and bleeding gums.

Other Home Remedies For Tooth Ache?

The video given below will help you in identifying the steps that could help you avoid toothache forever:

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